Brand Origin

The name HaploX is derived from the term 'haplo', which is short for 'haploid', referring to a single set of chromosomes. In nature, life began in its simplest form as haploid. In contrast, human as diploid beings have evolved through homologous recombination, granting us a plethora of evolutionary potentials that help us adapt to diverse environments. Here, 'Haplo' symbolizes the origin of life. Meanwhile, the 'X' in HaploX carries a dual implication. On the one hand, it denotes sex chromosomes — where males characterized by XY and females by XX — underscoring gender equality. On the other hand, it symbolizes the realm of the unknown, hinting an exploration into the endless possibilities of life.

HaploX's logo prominently features the color blue, symbolizing the vast and intricate 'ocean' of genes. We've infused orange into our emblem to convey a sense of vitality and a deep commitment to compassionate care. The bridge-like design within the logo signifies HaploX's mission to act as a connection between the known and the unknown, leveraging technology and innovation to enrich human life.

about us


HaploX is a leading genetic testing solutions provider in China with a focus on gene sequencing, liquid biopsies, bioinformatics and big data analytics. It is recognized as National High and New Technology Enterprise, and National Specialized and New 'Small Giant' Enterprise. Driven by our passion for technological innovation to benefit humanity, we are dedicated to becoming a prominent life science company in China.

Our labs in Shenzhen are certified by the best practice guidelines for genetic testing laboratories in the U.S., EU and China, including accreditations from the CAP (College of American Pathologists), CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), EMQN (European Molecular Genetics Quality Network) and NCCL (National Center for Clinical Laboratories). We pride ourselves in our ability to serve a wide range of genetic testing applications covering different population groups, tumor types and stages in the disease lifecycle. This includes providing clinically valuable genetic testing results that enable full cycle health management for cancer and other patients, health screening and risk assessment, as well as pathogenic microbe genetic testing. As of now, HaploX has provided genetic testing services and comprehensive solutions to hundreds of Class IIIA hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies, research institutes, health examination centers, insurance companies and local governments across China.



Molecular Diagnostic Technology Platform

·Low-input ·Ultra-deep ·Ultra-sensitive