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IO Safety NGS Test

HapOnco® IO Safety NGS Test


Product Overview

HapOnco® IO Safety NGS Test is a self-developed genetic testing product based on the LIUDUS® platform for guiding the safe and effective use of immuno-oncology therapy ('IO therapy'). The test can be used on tissue and liquid biopsy to detect predictive biomarkers associated with FDA/NMPA-approved IO and targeted therapies, covering 6 genes positively correlated to IO therapy, 27 genes negatively correlated to IO therapy and 22 genes related to targeted therapy, as well as MSI status determined by our patented algorithm. Thereby, HapOnco® IO Safety NGS Test assists patients in safely initiating immunotherapy and provides reference information for clinical immunotherapy planning.


Product Advantages

(1) Immuno-oncology index (IO Index): This index evaluates target biomarkers' quantitative impact on immune and targeted therapy responses based on research data, making its conclusions highly valuable for reference.
(2) Dynamic Interpretation via QR Code: Users can access up-to-date research findings on immunotherapy and the IO index by scanning the QR codes provided.


Applicable Population

Solid tumor patients in need of immunotherapy, those with concerns related to immunotherapy, or those requiring the assessment of resistance biomarkers for targeted therapy.