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Guarding Family Health

Are you concerned about your own and your family's health but don't know where to start?

Genetic testing can efficiently and accurately manage health in a systematic way and intervene in diseases, leading to a substantial reduction in the financial burden on the family, thereby safeguarding family health.

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Pay Attention to Abnormal Body Signals

Have you and your family experienced similar symptoms?

Understand your own cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease risk early and embark on a healthy lifestyle.

Cardiovascular Issues:

Chest pain, fatigue, palpitations, dizziness

Three Highs:

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar

Brain Health:

Frequent forgetfulness, declining cognitive abilities


Prevention is Better than Cure

China leads the world in the number of newly diagnosed cancer cases.

According to the latest statistics from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization, there were 19.29 million new cancer cases worldwide in 2020.

Among them, China had 4.57 million new cancer cases, accounting for 23.7% of the global total. This mean an average of 12,500 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, with 8 people being diagnosed with cancer every minute.

减少出生缺陷 孕育健康宝宝

Reducing Birth Defects & Nurturing Healthy Babies

Birth defects have become a significant public health issue affecting children's health and the quality of the birth population. China has an annual incidence of up to 900,000 new cases of birth defects, with certain defect rates displaying an upward trend.

According to the 'China Birth Defect Prevention and Control Report (2012)', it is estimated that over 130,000 new cases of congenital heart disease, approximately 35,000 cases of congenital hearing impairment, more than 7,600 cases of congenital hypothyroidism, and over 1,200 cases of phenylketonuria occur each year.

The goal of HaploX is to reduce birth defects and promote the birth of healthy babies through high-throughput sequencing technology for screening.


Scientific Parenting for Healthy Growth

Parents often worry about issues like nearsightedness, height, food intolerance and bone development in their children...

Genetic testing allows you to gain a more scientific understanding of your child.


Scientific Recommendations to Boost Immunity

In the battle against external viruses and bacteria, the immune system has established 'three lines of defense'.

Precise quantitative assessment of immune health supports health management.


Knowing Yourself, Drinking Moderately

Reducing the harm of alcohol to your body.