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HaploX TruthGen Panorama Genetic Test

HaploX TruthGen Panorama Genetic Test


Testing Content

HaploX TruthGen Panorama Genetic Test provides comprehensive screening for genetic disease risks by leveraging proprietary LIUDUS® platform. The test predicts the risks of 19 major types of hereditary diseases such as eye and ear diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hereditary cancers, blood and hematopoietic organ diseases and nutritional and metabolic diseases, covering 4,060 single-gene hereditary diseases. The test also informs the selection for 25 types of medications and 20 body features.


Applicable Population

1. Individuals who are concerned about their own and their family's health.
2. Individuals with fertility intention.
3. Individuals with a family history of relevant diseases.
4. Individuals who are interested in personalized medication.
5. Individuals who are focused on their own physical activity, nutrition and body features.
6. Individuals who are seeking comprehensive and professional health management advice.