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StarPanel™ NGS Assay

HapOnco® StarPanel™ NGS Assay


Product Overview

HapOnco® StarPanel™ NGS Assay is a large-sized gene panel NGS assay to guide cancer diagnosis and therapy selection. It can be used to detect important genetic variations related to targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, hereditary tumors and other cancer-related development information, through the samples of tumor tissues, blood, malignant fluid, and others. It also can detect 3 cancer-associated viruses (HBV, HPV, and EBV) with 18 subtypes. HapOnco® StarPanel NGS Assay can provide reliable and auxiliary reference information for the precision diagnosis and treatment for clinicians, and assist the full cycle cancer management to achieve the maximum clinical benefits.


Product Advantages

(1) Outstanding Gene Panel Design: HapOnco® StarPanel™ has an excellent gene panel design, covering approved targeted drugs and targeted therapy related genes, MSI/tTMB/bTMB and other immunotherapy related tests, chemotherapy/endocrine therapy related genes, hereditary tumor risk assessment, and viral typing tests, which can better meet the clinical testing needs.
(2) High-Depth Sequencing: With ultra-high-depth sequencing of ctDNA at 20,000X, HapOnco® StarPanel™ is able to achieve a mutation LoD as low as 0.3% VAF, reducing the risk of false negatives and missed detection. This precise detection of genomic mutations assists in analyzing drug resistance mechanisms and dynamically monitoring disease progression.


Applicable Population

This product is well-suited for solid tumor patients in need of i) targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy; ii) facing challenges such as treatment resistance, suboptimal responses, metastasis; iii) requiring treatment plan adjustments.