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WESPlus® NGS Assay

HapOnco® WESPlus® NGS Assay


Product Overview

HapOnco® WESPlus® NGS Assay is a premium WES-based NGS assay that provides a higher standard of whole exome sequencing, big data analysis and professional medical interpretation for solid tumor patients. It not only covers HapOnco® StarPanel™ NGS Assay, but also has more loci and a wider range, thereby enabling comprehensive evaluation of tumor genomic information and providing medication guidance. Furthermore, the ability of HapOnco® WESPlus® to provide a comprehensive overview of the whole exome can better assist facilitating the translation of research findings into novel clinical applications to optimize cancer care.


Product Advantages

(1) HapOnco® WESPlus® comprehensively covers vital areas related to cancer, including targeted therapy, immunotherapy, endocrine therapy, chemotherapy, hereditary tumors, viral infections, and more. It provides multidimensional and precise evaluation of treatment effectiveness, guiding tumor treatment plans from all aspects.
(2) HapOnco® WESPlus® probe design includes coverage of the whole exome, and two- and four-fold more custom-design probes are used to enrich genomic regions related to critical cancer driver genes covered by HapOnco® StarPanel™ and genes associated with IO and targeted therapy, respectively. This design ensures that patients accurately receive mutation information from critical sites, assisting clinical treatment decisions.
(3) As a star product of HaploX, HapOnco® WESPlus® has undergone extensive clinical validation, which has been applied in collaboration with multiple Class IIIA hospitals to support research projects. Several achievements have been published in top journals, including Advance Science and Nature Communications.


Applicable Population

Patients with solid tumors who are considering comprehensive evaluation for targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy or endocrine therapy.